Most women, regardless of their age, size, or ethnicity, suffer from cellulite. Scientists still don’t know what causes it, and there is no treatment that fully and permanently gets rid of this so-called “orange peel” skin.

Luckily, a new, ground-breaking injectable treatment for cellulite, called QWO, is coming to medical salons across the United States this year.

Here, we break down all you need to know about QWO cellulite injections.

What Are QWO Cellulite Injectables?
QWO is the first injectable anti-cellulite treatment that reduces the appearance of “dimples” on the skin. It’s a prescription medication for treating moderate-to-severe cellulite. After successful results from clinical trials, the FDA approved QWO injectables for the treatment of cellulite on the buttocks. Approval for treating leg cellulite with QWO is still pending.

Who Makes QWO?
The first approved anti-cellulite injectable for the buttocks is made by the pharmaceutical company Endo International. The product’s brand name is QWO. The FDA approved it in the summer of 2020. The product is now distributed to medical salons across the United States and is available to the public.

QWO vs. Other Available Cellulite Treatments
QWO is the first injectable that attacks cellulite, but there are other available treatments for cellulite reduction. Let’s see how they compare to QWO.

QWO vs. Cellfina
Cellfina is a subcision method that uses needles to cut the collagen bands (called fibrous septae) underneath the skin that pull the skin down and cause cellulite dimples. QWO uses enzymes to break down fibrous septae. Cellfina sessions last longer than QWO and may require a few days of recovery time. The effects of both Cellfina and QWO are long-lasting.

QWO vs. Cellulaze
Cellulaze is an anti-cellulite treatment that uses a laser to cut the collagen bands underneath the skin, while QWO disrupts collagen bands using enzymes. Cellulaze treats mild-to-moderate cellulite, while QWO is intended for severe cellulite.

QWO vs. CoolSculpting
CoolSculpting primarily targets fat underneath the skin. It freezes fat cells, contours the body, and improves the appearance of cellulite dimples. QWO targets the fibrous septae responsible for the appearance of cellulite dimples on the skin and is used solely for treating cellulite.

QWO vs. Manual Anti-Cellulite Massage
Anti-cellulite massage requires numerous sessions. Each session lasts longer than a QWO session, and the results are temporary. QWO is a quick, long-lasting solution to cellulite.

QWO vs. Mechanical Anti-Cellulite Massage
Mechanical devices like foam rollers and Endermologie roll the skin to break up the fat and reduce cellulite. The effects of mechanical anti-cellulite massage are temporary, while QWO provides long-lasting results.

QWO vs. Radiofrequency (RF)
Radiofrequency uses heat to destroy fat deposits underneath the skin and induce new collagen production. QWO targets collagen bands that cause the appearance of cellulite.  Radiofrequency is effective for skin tightening and decreasing cellulite, but its results are short-lived and it’s not as effective as QWO.

How Does QWO Work?
The QWO injection’s main ingredient is an enzyme called collagenase, derived from the bacteria Clostridium. It breaks down collagen bands called fibrous septae that connect the skin to the underlying muscle. The injections are administered directly into the cellulite-affected buttocks. QWO also stimulates the production of new collagen, making the skin look smoother.

Everything About the QWO Cellulite Treatment
The QWO cellulite injectable is a new cellulite treatment, but clinical trials for this product included more women than any other FDA-approved cellulite treatment trial to date. There is a lot of information about how the treatment works, potential risks and side-effects, and how long the results last.

The QWO Procedure

QWO comes in a vial filled with the enzyme collagenase Clostridium histolyticum-aaes in powder form. The powder is diluted with a diluent, and the solution is then injected directly into cellulite dimples on the buttocks. Depending on the number of dimples, each buttock area may receive up to 12 injections and each contains 0.3 ml of the solution. The solution is odorless and waterlike. No anesthesia is required for the procedure.

Patients need to book a consultation prior to the procedure to discuss their eligibility. There are some counterindications for the procedure, such as allergic reactions to QWO ingredients, bleeding abnormalities, pregnancy, and certain medications.

One QWO treatment typically treats both buttocks. A medical professional determines the number of necessary treatments based on the severity of the patient’s cellulite. Women in clinical trials received three treatments spaced out over 21 days. One treatment lasts about 10 minutes.

Most patients experience bruising as a normal part of the process, which may last up to a few weeks.

QWO Post-Procedure Recovery
There is no downtime after QWO. The patient can go back to their daily activities after the procedure. However, most patients experience bruising and swelling at the injection site, which may last up to a few weeks. Hence, it is not recommended to undergo the QWO treatment right before going to the beach.

When Can You See the Effects of QWO?
The first visible signs of cellulite reduction after a QWO treatment may appear a few weeks after the first procedure. In clinical trials, the full effects were evaluated 28 days after the final treatment.

How Long Does the Effect of QWO Last?
Since QWO is a new procedure, the exact longevity of the results is still unknown. However, doctors involved in QWO clinical investigations speculate that the results last for several years.

Is QWO Safe?
Clinical investigations show that QWO is safe for use on women without counterindications. Since this is a prescription medication, it can only be administered by a healthcare provider in appropriate facilities, such as clinics and medical spas. Medical experts carefully review every patient’s cellulite condition and needs in order to minimize any potential risks and side-effects.

How Much Does QWO cost?
Since the number of treatments depends on the number of cellulite dimples, the price of the QWO treatment will vary. Book a consultation with your chosen medical practitioner to determine the severity of your buttock cellulite and how many treatments you’ll need.

Cellulite affects almost all women after puberty. Scientists are still unsure about the exact cause of cellulite, but they know that fibrous septae are the main factor contributing to cellulite formation.

Today, we have a ground-breaking new treatment, QWO, that targets fibrous septae. It’s the first injectable cellulite treatment. Clinical trials show great promise in reducing cellulite using QWO. The best part is, the treatment provides long-lasting results.