Aesthetica Med Spa San Diego



Raleigh Taufer is a Paramedical Aesthetician and Advanced Skincare Specialist with 20 years of experience. Raleigh’s down-to-earth, honest, and approachable personality fused with his expert knowledge and passion for skincare truly set him apart from others in his field. He has a strong reputation for beautiful results and happy clients, which more than often than not prefer being called friends.

An initial consultation with Raleigh will provide enough clarity and education to confirm your first appointment. Raleigh wholeheartedly listens to his client’s needs in order to understand and identify problem areas and in turn create a comprehensive skin care roadmap for their aesthetic goals. In order to achieve maximum and long-lasting results, each skincare plan and treatment is tailored to each individual client and adjusted as necessary over time. What clients find most helpful is that while Raleigh treats them in-office, he also thoroughly educates so that his clients can personally maintain their glow in-between visits.

Raleigh Taufer began his aesthetic career in Seattle, Washington with schooling, and later added 3 years of skin care therapy experience at the office of a top dermatologist in the area. Shortly after, he relocated to Honolulu, Hawaii where he gained 8 more years of firsthand work experience specializing in lasers and facial esthetics. Raleigh finally settled in San Diego and is one of the owners of Aesthetica Med Spa.