A chemical peel is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, neck or hands. A chemical solution is applied to the skin that causes it to exfoliate and eventually peel off.  The new, regenerated skin is left smoother and less wrinkled than before but is temporarily more sensitive to the sun. There are three basic types of chemical peels: superficial, medium and deep.  We offer a variety of peels at Aesthetica Med Spa and offer free consultations to determine what is right for you.


No downtime. No redness. No pain. No side effects. Incredible and instant results! Within weeks, wrinkles will disappear, acne will heal, and discoloration and scars will diminish. The Nano Perfector system is not only dramatic but also long-lasting. It increases the rate of speed at which skin cells, elastin, and collagen are produced resulting in a corrective and preventative anti-aging treatment. It is able to reconstruct or re-educate the muscle tissue resulting in toning facial muscles giving a firmer appearance to the skin.


MicroPhototherapy (IPL) emits gentle pulses of light and heat to produce a mild thermal injury creating a wound/heal response beneath the skin’s surface leading to fibroblast production and new collagen formation. This treatment reduces pore size, retexturizes similar to microdermabrasion, smooths lines and wrinkles, evens out skin tone, tightens the skin, and even gets Rosacea (redness) under control. Series of 8 once a week for a month for optimum results.


The Oxygen Rx treatment by Circadia can be used on any skin type. The germicidal action makes it extremely beneficial for acne. The lightening and vasoconstricting capabilities give instant results.  The end result is clear and luminous skin with a feeling of firmness. Great for rosacea and acne.


Fusion Meso XPERT is a new concept in the beauty world.  A new approach of needle-free meso based on breakthrough systems and meso cosmetics. Fusion Meso XPERT is without a doubt offering all the advantages in non-invasive and painless skin rejuvenation: safety, efficiency, easy to operate, cost-effectiveness, immediate and long-lasting results.

Fusion Meso XPERT is an electroporation and LED foto biostimulation beauty device. It enhances the penetration of meso cosmetics. The specific pulsed current produces a cellular electroporation reducing the permeability of the skin and opening cellular pores. It induces the opening of the protein channels on the cellular membranes; this phenomenon allows substances to reach the heart of the cells. At the same time, the light emitted by the LED is activating certain biological functions of the skin and the cells. A great addition to any facial treatment. 


B12, Lipo MIC, glutathione, and more.






We understand aging is inevitable, but aging gracefully is a choice.


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